With Wake the Dead came this new Spiritseer sculpt, a fantastic upgrade of the older Finecast model. It took a while until I got around painting it, but here we are. Check out more angles after the jump.

As you can see, I swapped the helmet for the slimmer Spiritseer helmet from the Hemlock Wraithfighter / Crimson Hunter kit. The original helmet resembles the shape of the Wraithknight’s head, but as I got a Skathach Wraithknight, which has a different head design, I thought the Hemlock Spiritseer head would be a better fit. And a personal touch of mine. I wanted to add an infinity rune to the helmet as on all my other Wraith models, but as I’m working in home office at the moment, I wasn’t able to print a custom transfer for it, and I didn’t want to mess around with a freehand. I will have to update the model later.

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I was pretty happy when this model was released, as it was kind of a surprise release that came with the Wake the Dead box set. By now, we’ve also seen new a plastic Aspect Warrior and Phoenix Lord set, but honestly, with the Eldar range being pretty complete (despite the large amount of old metal and Finecast sculpts), I wasn’t too sure if the range would be neglected or phased out in terms of a newly reimagined Ynnari range. Similar to how several factions like Wood Elves or Dwarfs still exist in the Age of Sigmar setting, but won’t receive new models in favour of new concepts like Sylvaneth and Kharadron.

Thankfully, the Spiritseer proved that the Craftworlds are still alive and kicking, and who knows, maybe for 10th Edition Aeldari might become the centrepiece faction with a host of new models like Necrons for 9th Edition? I can only walk the path of the dreamer 😉

How do you like my rendition of the new Spiritseer model? Leave a comment or reaction below…


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