Charging, servo-assisted, towering suits of ceramite armoured, gene-enhanced humans with chainswords revving while their Heavy Bolt Pistols staccato bark mass reactive shells. Slamming into an enemy position and running straight through it. Bodies left torn and rent, screams of mercy as the heretics hold bloody stumps. This is the definition of brutal assault. This is the grim darkness of the far future.

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A chainsword wielding Space Marine is burnt into my memories as one of the coolest things young Garfy saw. It’s so visceral, I had to try and capture in words how I feel when I see a Space Marine armed with a Chainsword. These new sculpts really show that motion of the Intercessors barrelling forward as an unstoppable mass.

I’m really pleased with how the Dark Angel scheme looks on these models. It really suits them. That cream bone chest Aquila and red weapons works so well. One thing I haven’t done on any of my Dark Angels is paint Company markings. Deathwing and Ravenwing have coloured armour as their Company mark. But my green armoured marines don’t have a company. The reason for this is the whole Primaris thing has never been clear to me.

Games Workshop has tried to leave the Adeptus Astartes lore quite open so you can make it work for your own collection. I think the way I interpret it with my collection is mine are Grey Shields who have arrived at the rock. Almost like an 11th Company of Primaris who get seconded to war zones when needed.

With the addition of Bladeguard Deathwing and Ravenwing Outriders I’m now thinking I need to start organising the rest into Companies. The Phobos Marines are easy, their battlefield role is scouting so they can be 10th company.

I’m thinking the rest of my Primaris could be 4th Company because there is a named Dark Angel Primaris Master called Lazarus. He would be a great model to add to the force and I think he would start to tie it all together.

I really hope the forthcoming Dark Angel Codex starts to sort out how Primaris fit within the ranks of the Unforgiven. Part of me wishes that the Primaris of the Chapter uncover some dubious things with the Inner Circle and the First Born launch a war on the rock against the Primaris. A contemporary retelling of the Horus Heresy, but instead of the Lion disappearing, he reappears from stasis deep within the rock. But which side would he take?

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