Unable to dispatch his armies into the thick undergrowth of the Gnarlwood, Sigmar created the Questor Soulsworn. Elite groups of powerful armour-clad warriors armed with powerful and devastating weaponry such as Grandhammers. Led by a Questor Prime, the group is also joined by a Knight Relictor. Check out this post to see my painted Questor Soulsworn Warcry Warband, with some insights into how they play and a painting guide recipe card.

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Typically Errant Questors are solitary figures, who, whilst wearing their Stormhost’s colours actually operate outside of the military organisation’s hierarchy. However it’s not uncommon for Errant Questors to be rounded up into a group of Soulsworn by some suitably powerful Lord -Commander who has the God King’s blessing. These lonesome warriors sometimes need the guiding hand of a Questor Prime to utilise any differences as strengths.

Top row, left to right: Errant Questor with Grandhammer, Questor Prime, Errant Questor Duellist with Twinblades.
Bottom row: Errant Questor with Grandhammer, Soulsworn Knight-Relictor, Errant Questor with Grandaxe.

A Knight-Relictor’s role within the group is to use their knowledge of soul-lore to tend to arcane wounds suffered by the group or to ensure fallen warriors can ride the lightening back to Azyr for reforging. They can also use their abilities to unlock soul vaults and other mysterious elements as part of their quest.

Questor Soulsworn gameplay

The Questor Soulsworn warband has 7 fighter cards but is only made up of 6 warriors (990pts). They are: Questor-Prime (Leader, Elite 170pts), Knight-Relictor (Leader, Priest 165pts), Errant-Questor with Grandhammer (Leader, Destroyer 165pts), Errant Questor with Grandblade (Leader, Destroyer 165pts), Errant Questor with Grandspear (Leader, 170pts). Errant-Questor with Grand Axe (Leader, Destroyer 165pts) and Errant-Questor Duellist with Twinblades (Leader, Champion 160pts). Wait a minute, how comes every single fighter has the Leader rule, you’re not allowed to do that! Well, this warband can. Their ‘Heroes All’ rule has a series of bullet point replacements that replace the core rules that allow them to have all Questor Soulsworn heroes in their warband.

This warband only has a total of 120 wounds (20 each), but those wounds are protected by every fighter having toughness 5!

Low numbers aren’t the only downside to this warband, they are also slow with every fighter only having a move of 4″. However they do have a couple of cool abilities to help with that. Thundering Strides [Double] allows you pick a friendly fighter within 6″ of the activated fighter and give them a free bonus move action. Then you have You Won’t Even Slow me Down [Double] if you take down an enemy fighter you can make a bonus move or bonus attack action.
But the ultimate move ability is your Knight-Relictor casting Translocation [Quad] which allows you to take any friendly fighter within 3″ and then set them up anywhere on the battlefield so long as they’re more than 4″ from any enemies. Potentially that’s a game winning move there, imagine holding a treasure token and then just sending that fighter to the corner of a battlefield no one can reach.

The number of attacks for this warband is amazing, but it’s countered by the low numbers and every casualty you suffer is going to impact your ability to deal damage. Questor-Prime has 2″ range 4 str 4 attacks doing 2/4 damage. Knight-Relictor has an 8″ ranged 2 attacks, str4 doing 3/5 damage and a melee hammer that is 3 attacks, str4 doing 3/4 damage. The Erant Questor with their various Grand weaponry all have similar stats with slight differences. They’re all str5 apart from the Grandhammer which is Str6. They all have 3 attacks apart from the Grandblade which has 4 attacks. They’re all 1″ range apart from the Grandaxe which is 2″ and the Grandspear which is a whooping 3″ range! The fighters armed with Grandblade, Grandaxe and Grandhammer can use the ability With the Force of a Thunderbolt [Double] where if they finish a move within 1″ of 2 enemy fighters they can make a bonus attack.

The Questor Duellist has the most attacks in the whole warband with an astounding 5! If you’re worried about a faster enemy disengaging and running away you can always use the Questor Duellist’s Face Me, Cowards! [Triple] ability to hold them in place.

If all these free bonus moves and attacks wasn’t enough you can use the Questor-Prime’s Searing Light [Triple] and blast every enemy within 3″ with powerful Azyr light from her lantern and inflict 3 damage on them.

The Reaction, is actually useful for once. It’s called Swift Retribution and if your fighter is targeted by an attack that does enough damage to bring them down, they can use an action to react before those wounds are allocated and give a friendly fighter a free bonus move or attack action. If you’re going to lose a fighter who hasn’t been activated yet, this reaction is a no brainer, you might as well get a free move or attack for someone else.

How to paint Questor Soulsworn

Overall, this warband will be devastating if you can get those bonus attacks to land. Once you’re in combat your armour and wounds will keep you fighting longer than most enemies which means you can really dish out the punishment on an enemy foolish enough to go toe to toe with your Stormcast. But with only 6 fighters, if an enemy wanted to they could just avoid you or gang up on you with superior numbers. They’re certainly interesting on paper but I find slow warbands frustrating to play. Hopefully the move abilities make up for it.

Recipe Card Painting Guide for the Questor Soulsworn

Painting the Warband was hard. There is no easy way to approach this. A white undercoat helps with the yellow and white capes, but makes painting the metals, grey and purples harder. Grey or black undercoats make it easier to paint the armour, metals and purple but then you’ll have hard time painting whites and yellows. I ended up choosing white undercoat. Here’s a couple more tips. Don’t glue in the heads or the shoulder pads and painting them separately, it’s much easier. Another tip is don’t glue the model to the base, instead drill holes in the base of the feet and superglue straightened paperclips into the holes, then push those paperclips into a wine cork (or a Get a Grip painting handle cork), so the model is hovering above the cork by about an inch. This will allow you paint underneath the capes and get the hard to reach areas.

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