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Garfy: 2013, the year of the Tale of the Mega Painters, has been and gone. Stahly and I have decided to draw a line under our motivational army project.

Stahly: In this post we gonna share some full-blown army shots of all the models we painted for the project, as well as corresponding army lists. So check out Garfy’s Necrons and my Dark Eldar in all their glory after the jump.

Garfy; The above shot includes all my Necron models (except my Cryptek, which won a painting competition and is on currently on display), including models that weren’t part of the Megaforce. The Escalation supplement has meant this force is now a playable army. I still have 8 Necron Warriors and 6 Tomb Blades left to paint. For now though, the project has reached it’s conclusion.

Favourite part of the project must have been creating the two tutorials for Necron Lord. They came out really well and seem really popular.

Hardest part of the project is definitely the Tesseract Vault. I hand painted this huge plastic kit. I didn’t use my airbrush at all. I think the results are worth it.

Army list/points total.

Necron Overlord. Ressurection Orb, Sempiternal Weave, Phase Shifter – 180

Cryptek. Harbingers of Destruction, Eldritch Lance – 35

9 Necron Warriors – 117

9 Necron Warriors – 117

9 Necron Warriors – 117

5 Immortals. Tesla Carbines – 85

Night Scythe – 100

5 Deathmarks – 95

Triarch Stalker – 150

9 Scarab bases – 135

Doomsday Ark – 175

Annihilation Barge – 90

Canoptek Spyder – 50

Tesseract Vault. Antimatter Meteor, Seismic Assault – 665

Total = 2111pts

Stahly: Above you can see my collection of Dark Eldar from the Kabal of the Last Hatred I painted during the project. I started with the contents of the megaforce, but gave away 10 Wyches and the jetbikes. Instead I painted 5 Trueborn, an Archon and a Razorwing. It’s a small but playable little force. Unlike Garfy, who painted a lot of other models in-between, these models were my main painting endeavours of 2013. Just as Garfy I want to concentrate on other models now, namely my Ultramarines and Eldar, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be more Dark Eldar from. I still got another Raider and Venom, some Incubi, a Talos and a Haemonculi… just don’t expect that they will show up on the blog so soon 😉

My favourite part of the project was actually to see it all come together. There is always that sense of accomplishment when you figure out a paint scheme, paint up a model and see that it “works”.

Hardest part of the project were probably the Scourges, which took almost two months to finish, which is far too much for five models.

Army list/points total.

Archon. Shadowfield, Soul Trap, Husk Blade, combat drugs, Phantasm Grenade Launcher – 170

10 Warriors. 1x Splinter Cannon, 1x Blaster, Sybarite – 205

Raider. Dark Lance, Splinter Racks, Flickrfield – 80

10 Wyches. Haywire Grenades, 2x Hydra Gauntlets, Hekatrix with Agoniser and Phantasm Grenade Launcher – 120

5 Trueborn Warriors. 3x Blaster, 2x Shardcarbines – 190

Venom. 2x Splinter Cannon, Night Shields – 75

5 Scourges. 2x Haywire Blaster – 130

Ravager. Dark Lances, Flickrfield, Night Shields – 130

Razorwing. Dark lances, 2x Monoscythe and 2x Shatterfield missiles – 125

Total = 1095

Garfy: All that’s left to do is thank you for reading our posts and following our project. We’d also like to thank all of the contributors who we featured in the ‘Tale of the Mega Painters: Reader Submissions’ series.

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