Commander Dante is believed to be the oldest loyalist Space Marine at over 1500 years old, having now crossed the Rubicon Primaris he is increased in strength and stature and prepared to face the the enemies of the Emperor once more. In this post I’ll share some glorious photos I took as well as my recipe card for Commander Dante. Check out the end of this post for an extra bonus.

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Commander Dante plummets from the heavens to banish a Greater Daemon of Khorne back to the warp.

This item was kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

When the Indomitus Crusades arrived, Commander Dante kneeled before Roboute Guilliman and was named as the Primarch’s Lord Regent of the Imperium Nihilus. A huge responsibility for the Blood Angel Chapter Master. Following the Devastation of Baal at the claws of Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan, Dante chose to undergo the agonising transformation of the Rubicon Primaris. His Artificers adapted and modified his armour and wargear to fit his increased muscle mass and size. This included adapting one of the Chapter’s greatest relics, the Death Mask of Sanguinius. This mask exudes the anguish and hate that Sanguinius had at Horus’ betrayal of the Emperor. No one outside of the Blood Angels’ Fortress Monastery knows of Dante likeness because he hasn’t removed the Death Mask.

Armed with the Axe Mortalis, this deadly power axe was forged just after the Horus Heresy designed to slay Heretic and Traitor Astartes with crackling power energy. His Perdition Pistol was upscaled along with his armour and in the hands of a guardsman would look like a full sized meltagun. This modified Infernus Pistol was crafted in a time where the knowledge is now lost so only a warrior as esteemed as Dante could wield such a precious antiquity.

As for Dante’s new rules, Games Workshop’s Warhammer Community blog has posted them as a free download. These free rules will only work with the current edition (9th) of Warhammer 40,000 game. These rules will be replaced when the new 10th Edition is released in the summer (2023) so don’t waste your money buying the current edition or the Blood Angel codex book.

Here’s how I painted my Commander Dante model.

This model is a lot of fun to paint and honestly, compared to the crazy amount of tiny, detailed Warcry Warbands I’ve painted recently this model was like hobbying on easy mode. I undercoated the model with Wraithbone spray and then using an airbrush I base coated the whole thing with Liberator Gold. The rest of their recipe card is pretty straight forward. As for the power axe, that is way too complicated to fit onto a recipe card, so, for a more detailed explanation check out this detailed tutorial on painting NMM style blades.

I’m 99% sure that Blood Angels will now be my 10th Edition #neweditionnewarmy. As an extra bonus. Here’s a paint recipe card for Blood Angel Assault Intercessors just in case you want to join me on my battle with the red thirst.

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