Hatchette Partworks has kindly sent over a subscription of Mortal Realms for me to have a look at. I’m going to look at the issues 27 to 30 as a whole and talk about the subscriber exclusive novel called The Amethyst Stave. More after the jump.

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Each magazine is 14 pages long and builds on previous issues. It’s hole punched so you can separate the pages and organise them into ring binders (first binder is included in the subscription). Each issue includes background information on the Mortal Realms and their inhabitants as well as assembly and painting guides for the models. You’ll also get rules, Battleplans and Warscroll Cards for the models you’re collecting each week. Each magazine is accompanied with either a sprue of Stormcast models, Nighthaunt models, terrain or Citadel paint, usually a monthly subscription delivery will include one of each. It’s packed with lots of hobby to do.


This Partworks collection is targeted at beginners of all ages. It’s written in an very clear and straight forward way. It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge making it easy to follow. Veterans should be put off by the beginner friendly nature as the savings on the model RRP still makes this worth picking up no matter who you are. There is a downside and that it isn’t available in all territories. Please check the Hatchette Partworks website to see if it’s available where you live.


The models are usually simple push-fit and easy-to-build models which don’t tend to include different build options. This simplifies things for the beginners.

Fun factor 

Mortal Realms is a microcosm of hobby. It’s everything you need to learn, play and paint your models, drip feed over period of time you can slow build your collections for a great price. With painting guides, missions, lore, paints, models and so much more it’s a really fun way to experience the hobby at a great price.


Hatchette Partworks Mortal Realms is sold in Games Workshops, newsagents and some supermarkets in the UK for £7.99 an issue. It’s also available in Games Workshop stores Australia For $19.99AUD. You can also choose to subscribe and be sent 4 issues once every 4 weeks for £31.96. Subscribers can also choose to go premium where they will pay more and every twenty issues receive more faction models, warscrolls and paints. Hatchette also offer automatic exclusives to subscribers. They will write to you and give you the option to opt out, if you do not opt out you will receive the exclusive and be charged for it. This month there was an exclusive in the form a hard back novel with soft touch varnished cover and gold embossing. It’s a premium feeling book and it costs £12.99. Sadly, it’s just chucked in a plastic bag with the issues and sprues which have damaged the cover substantially.

The total cost of the models roughly comes to £65 if you count the Azyrite Shattered Plaza as £25 (it’s roughly half the ruins in the £50 set. £65 of paint and models for £31.96 is a great deal.

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Final Verdict

Mortal Realms continues to go from strength to strength building on past issues and using a structured system to help you expand your model collections or help you get started in playing Age of Sigmar. Sadly the experience is diminished with poor packaging resulting in damage to the exclusive novel. For many though the frustration will be the inability to buy this in their Country, however if you are able to purchase this is fantastic value and great fun. I’m looking forward to my Daughter being a little older so I can introduce her to the hobby through the Mortal Realms publication.