After reading the initial four Horus Heresy novels I grew quite fond of the Emperor’s Children. I really like their characterisation, their underlying perfectionism, and their complex characters like Saul Tarvitz and Eidolon. Inspired by the novels, I decided that I want to paint a few Emperor’s Children to compliment my Sons of Horus. Here is the first test model.

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Painting this model was very straight-forward. I pretty much followed my Sons of Horus tutorial but changed the armour colour to Warpaints Air Alien Purple and Coven Purple Air from The Army Painter’s airbrush range (check out my review here), which created a warm but slightly faded purple, which I really like.

If you want to know more, you can find a detailed 15 page PDF tutorial over on my Patreon.

How to paint Emperor's Children tutorial Patreon banner

Just after I finished the model, I found out that as the Heresy unfolded, the Emperor’s Children tended to eschew white details on their armour and favoured more black. As MkVI armour was not available until the later days of the Heresy, I guess I have to repaint the shoulder pad once I paint the rest of the unit.

Cinematic shot of an Emperor's Children Age of Darkness MkVI Space Marine Legionary

Hope you enjoyed my take on the Emperor’s Children. But before I paint more of them, I want to add some more models to my Sons of Horus collection, so that my Kratos tank doesn’t feel as lonely on my shelf. Next up will be a Contemptor Dreadnought, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, leave a comment and/or reaction below, or head over to our Discord server if you have any questions I can answer. Thanks for reading, and happy hobbying!