Unleash the insatiable hunger of Hivefleet Kraken as I bring two of the new Termagant models to life. Join me as I delve into techniques such as painting rich red carapaces, peachy highlights, and an urban-inspired touch.

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As vital components of the Tyranid Hive Mind, Termagants are among the countless bioforms unleashed by the Tyranid swarms in their insatiable quest for biological consumption. Serving as the basic foot soldiers of the Tyranid forces, they act as expendable cannon fodder in the relentless advance of the Hive Fleet.

Cinematic shot of two Hivefleet Kraken Termagants painted by Stahly
These models were kindly provided by Games Workshop

As mentioned in my comprehensive review of the Leviathan box, I am particularly impressed with the new Termagant sculpts. Games Workshop consistently delivers exceptional updates to their core infantry models, such as the impressive redesign of the Aeldari Guardians. While the Termagants now come on a slightly larger 28mm base, their overall size remains pretty much the same, with improved proportions and finer details.

Painting Hivefleet Kraken Termagants

I painted these two models as test models for an upcoming painting tutorial here on Tale of Painters. I chose an approach that balances both speed and quality, and the scheme can also be further simplified if required. I’ll explain in more detail in the tutorial.

Hivefleet Kraken Termagant with Fleshborer painted by Stahly

I selected Hivefleet Kraken as the colour scheme, a hivefleet tragically intertwined with the fate of the Aeldari and particularly Craftworld Iyanden. The carapace was painted with Flesh Tearers Red, then highlighted with peachy and salmon tones I also applied to the fleshy parts. Instead of a bone colour, I opted for a more greyish chitin shade with a subtle hint of purple, potentially representing an adaptation to the urban battlefield, as suggested by the grey rubble on the base.

Hivefleet Kraken Termagant with Fleshborer painted by Stahly

Painting the new Tyranid models from the Leviathan launch box was an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to paint more, starting with a Compendium Kill Team. Who knows, this might even expand into a Combat Patrol collection.

Hope you “devoured” this showcase post. Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorial, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or join the Tale of Painters hobby Discord. Happy hobbying!