The Blades of Khaine display the pinnacle of Aeldari prowess, featuring versatile Aspect Warriors from the Striking Scorpions, Dire Avengers, and Howling Banshees shrines. My Kill Team hails from Craftworld Ulthwé, and in this showcase post, I’ll share a closer look.

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Unlike traditional Kill Teams that rely on specialised operatives, Blades of Khaine possess versatile aspect techniques, allowing them to adapt to various combat situations with unparalleled skill.

Blades of Khaine Ulthwé Kill Team painted by Stahly

The leader of my Kill Team is a Striking Scorpions Exarch, armed with the iconic Scorpion’s Claw. You can find more pictures of the Exarch here. For generating extra mortal wounds in the fight phase, he is accompanied by another warrior from his aspect shrine. Like the Exarch, the Striking Scorpion is one of the new plastic models from Kill Team: Salvation we’ve tested here.

Check out the 360-degree view on Instagram:

If you’re interested in how I painted the Striking Scorpions, you might find this tutorial helpful. Originally painted for a video, I only used the new Warpaints Fanatic from The Army Painter, but I also added the matching counterparts from the Citadel Colour range.

Patreon Striking Scorpions tutorial banner

You can get the complete step-by-step tutorial for my Striking Scorpions here in my Patreon shop (or by becoming an Autarch tier member). I also have a complementing tutorial for my Craftworld Ulthwé scheme there.

Howling Banshees & Dire Avengers

Besides the Scorpions, the team also includes three Howling Banshees for more close combat oomph, and two Dire Avengers for ranges support. I painted the Howling Banshees in Craftworld Ulthwé colours a few years ago, check out the showcase post here, while the Dire Avengers are from my Iybraesil collection here. Despite this, they fit well into the Kill Team as they use the same colour palette, though the smaller bases stand out a bit.

Cinematic shot of an Aeldari Blades of Khaine Kill Team in front of a pink sky

So far, I haven’t tested the Blades of Khaine in battle. The many special rules and aspect techniques are somewhat daunting since I’m more of a casual player and just happy when I manage to remember the basic rules. Nevertheless, the techniques seem very thematic.

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