Delve into the shadows of the Aeldari warhosts as I unveil the latest addition to my Craftworld Ulthwé collection: a Striking Scorpion Exarch from the brand-new plastic kit. Painted exclusively with Warpaints Fanatic paints from The Army Painter, this model makes a “striking” addition to my Blades of Khaine Kill Team.

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Striking Scorpions are formidable Aspect Warriors embodying the deadly attributes of their namesake. Cloaked in green plate, they excel in stealth and surprise assaults. Masters of ambush, they emerge from the shadows to strike fear and death, embodying the Craftworlds’ resolve to annihilate its foes with precision and brutality. You can find a review of the new plastic kit here in our unboxing of Kill Team: Salvation.

As a follow-up to my Warpaints Fanatic review, I decided to paint this model with Fanatic paints only and transfer my existing colour scheme. I have documented what I learned in this video:

Instead of the classic Striking Scorpions light green, I chose a cool green for the aspect plate, namely Warpaint’s Fanatic Wild Green. The turquoise helmet is again a reference to my Craftworld Iybraesil collection and corresponds to the turquoise I used as the main colour back then.

Patreon Striking Scorpions tutorial banner

You can get the complete step-by-step tutorial for my Striking Scorpions here in my Patreon shop (or by becoming an Autarch tier member). I also have a complementing tutorial for my Craftworld Ulthwé scheme there.

I also posted a 360° view on my Instagram. I really like the pose of the Exarch, and the kit includes all three weapon options, two helmets, and a bare head, as well as two variants for the torso.

Cinematic shot of a Striking Scorpion Exarch, painted by Stahly

Next up will be a regular Striking Scorpion that I can add to my Blade of Khaine Kill Team. I already painted a squad of Howling Banshees and Dire Avengers, which gives me plenty of options to fill out my roster. More on the completed Kill Team coming soon!

Let me know what you think about my take on this iconic Aspect Warrior shrine, leave a reaction below, and if you have any questions, post them below or join our friendly hobby Discord server. Happy hobbying!