Wave Serpent WIP

Further progress on the Wave Serpent hull. The first layer of highlighting on the red is done, I painted the canopy and started to highlight the black. I will do the second highlight for the red parts at the end, as it will allow me…

40k, Showcase

Banshees Showcase

High quality pictures of my finished Banshee squad. I think they turned out ok on an army level. However I am not fully satisfied with them. This is because the body would have really benefitted from a two step highlighting instead of a single white…


Wave Serpent: Painting started

Started work on the top hull part of the Wave Serpent. Highlights are applied by hand, so the model will take some time to finish. Unlike my Falcon, I used proper masking tape from Tamiya this time. Nevertheless, applying the pattern to the cockpit area…


Reaper Master Series Review

German boardgame and RPG publisher Pegasus Spiele distributes rebranded Reaper Master Series Colours in Germany. As I already blogged, I got some samples from them and reviewed them for Brückenkopf. Along with some paint swatches, you can read the review in German here. I will…


On the Station April 30

With the Exarch and the last Banshee the Banshee squad is finally done (except for varnish, obviously). Professionally lit photography will probably follow sunday. I’m waiting for good weather for varnishing though. Next up for this weekend will be the building of a wave serpant,…


Incoming: Vallejo Pigments

Thanks to the great guys over at Fantasy-In, I got a selection of Vallejo Pigments to review for Brückenkopf. I haven’t worked with Pigments before, so I have to learn using them by myself. Expect a review and tutorials in some weeks.