Chat: My Conquest is Over.

This time last week I was committed to buying and painting every issue of Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. Then I had a small break painting Stormcast and now I want to quit the monthly magazine subscription. I go into detail as to why after the jump….

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Chat: Conquest Issues 31 to 34

This is a bit of a landmark blog post. This is my 50th blog post talking about the Conquest Publication. After the jump, I bring you up to speed and share some photos. That’s quite some milestone and we’re only up to issue 34.  If…


Showcase: Death Guard Characters

I’ve fallen for the favoured of Nurgle’s sons. I recently purchased the Deathguard Codex because the army is growing and I wanted to know how many points it is. After the jump I’ll tell the total points of the army to date and why Papa…

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Showcase: Death Guard Rhino

Creaking onto the blog today is this crusty old Rhino, sorry I mean trusty old Rhino. This kit has been on Games Workshop’s shelves for what must be coming up to two decades. In fact, the Chaos accessory sprue that comes with the tank is…

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Chat: Conquest Issues: 23 – 26

Emerging from the smoke, It’s time for my monthly Conquest recap where I share with you guys how I got on, what I enjoyed and what I’m looking forward to next month. Check it out after the jump.  Do you like the first picture? I’ve…

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Chat: Conquest Issues 19 – 22

It’s the end of the month and you’re here to check to see if I’ve failed to complete painting my models from the monthly subscription to Conquest! Just looking at the picture above should be answer enough, but yes, yes I have completed everything before…


WIP: Death Guard Pox Walkers

Quick post today. My next Conquest delivery is late, so I’ve dipped into my Dark Imperium boxset to paint some Pox Walker reinforcements. These guys will being me up to to a total of 22 when finished.     Search ebay for Garfy’s Get a…