Showcase: Dark Angels Eliminators

I’m becoming quite efficient with my Conquest painting publication project, I’m finishing the monthly batch of models earlier and earlier. I finished April’s batch with a good two and half weeks spare which mean’t I could make a real dent in the Shadowspear boxset. After…

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Showcase: Dark Angel Primaris Reivers

Issue 21 of Conquest included another three Reivers. I swapped some of the arms around with the multipart Reivers to make these models look a little different but essentially at their core they’re still the same models from Conquest. After the jump you can see…


WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Inceptor

Today I’m sharing a quick WIP of an Inceptor I’m painting. I’m actually batch painting this guy along with 2 Hellblasters and 2 Intercessors, I didn’t show the others because they’re pretty much the same as this guy. It’s a weird batch paint but that…


WIP: Dark Angels Intercessors

Remember me adding a Plague Champion model to my 6 Death Guard to get a favoured squad number of 7? Well, I’m doing the same with my Intercessors from Conquest Issue 1.  That issue only came with 3 models so these two I’m working on…

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Showcase: Myphitic Blight Hauler

The first vehicle to come with an issue of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest is the Myphitic Blight Hauler, it’s also my first Daemon Engine joining the ranks of my Death Guard. After the jump, some more pics all around this monstrous parasite and some group shots….