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Showcase: Eldar/Aeldari Howling Banshees of Craftworld Ulthwé (incl. paint recipes)

Anger rises. Death wakes. Painting… calls. I just finished a small squad of the new plastic Howling Banshees in a Ynnari-themed Craftworld Ulthwé scheme inspired by the 2nd Edition era ‘Eavy Metal models. And holy Emperor, these death-dealing ladies take a while to do them justice. Check out all the pictures plus the complete list of paint recipes.

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Showcase: Warcry Ruins Azyrite Ruined Chapel (with paint recipes)

This week is Warcry Catacombs week! Today I share my Azyrite Ruins from the original Warcry starter set, which are also included in the new Catacombs box. I chose a basic dark grey stone colour for my ruins, with some details picked out in brass, rusty metal, and a jade green that matches the pale green tiles of the Warcry game board. I share all my paint recipes in this post, so feel free to copy or adapt my scheme as you please.

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