I thought it might be interesting for you guys to have a list of my backlog. These are the models and kits I currently own which are not painted or built. This is essentially the stuff you can expect in the next months in this blog.

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  • Wave Serpent
  • Box of 6 Fire Dragons
  • 2 Farseers and 2 Warlocks
  • Prince Yriel
  • 10 Harlequins with Great Harlequin, Shadowseer and Death Jester


  • 6 Scouts with Shotguns and Heavy Bolter
  • New Venerable Dreadnought kit
  • Tigurius, Sicarius, Cities of Death Ultramarine Captain, classic power armoured Marneus Calgar, classic Techmarine

Other stuff

  • 5 Dark Angel Veterans
  • Dark Angel Captain
  • Chaplain in Terminator Armour
  • Box of 20 new Skaven Clanrats
  • Complete collection of Necromunda Escher models (about 20 or 22 models)
  • Some Necromunda Cawdor models (about 12 I think) and Bounty Hunter
  • Space Hulk 3rd Edition (won’t likely painted before retirement 😉

Things I’m tempted to buy in the near future:
A Fire Prism (hopefully Spearhead will bring an all plastic kit), Sanguinor and some Sanguinan Guard, a Terminator Squad (probably CC). I’d also like to start a Skaven army at some point and would like to expand my Eldar Warhost with new models like new jetbikes (we’ve already seen the prototypes) or new Warp Spiders or whatever beautiful models they come up with.