Vroom vrroooooom! Space Marine bikes are back! These slabs or armoured engine are long, low slung and oversized and perfect for their Primaris riders. They’re perfect mounts for my Primaris Ravenwing, now the Outriders can get involved in the hunt for Cypher and the Fallen.

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I had the foresight to order some Ravenwing bitz from eBay back in June when Indomitus was announced and I’m glad I did because they’re rarer now than Necron Warrior shit. The back banners really change the silhouette of the bikes. I cut bottom of them at an angle so they sloped backwards, I think it makes the bikes look faster.

Ravenwing are 90% black armour so I wanted to paint it slightly differently. I highlighted the bike with greys, but the riders power armour is highlighted with blue-greys. The tyres are were painted with dark greys and very dull highlights. It’s simple and subtle, but I think it helps define the different areas whilst still retaining the feeling of black.

Weirdly, using plastic icons on the bike’s fairings you’d think I’d use Ravenwing Shoulderpads but instead I freehanded the icons. All of my Dark Angels have freehanded icons so I did the same for the Ravenwing.

I have an older tutorial for painting Ravenwing. I didn’t use it for these, but’s still useful and valid.

This picture was a test photograph. That blur in the background isn’t photoshopped, it’s real and ‘caught in camera’. I put the terrain on a dolly and moved it along while the camera exposed. I post lots of behind the scenes shots on my twitter, so feel free to follow me if you’re into this kind of thing.

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