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Last week I got around making my Ikea Billy bookcase dustproof, so I was finally able to place in my models! More pictures of my collection and the modifications I did to the bookcase after the jump!

On the top shelf there are the majority of my Ultramarines. They are my largest army so far and they’ll further grow for sure. I’ve already bought some more characters and a bike squad some time ago, they slumber in my pile of unpainted models. With the latest price rise I also bought a Land Raider Crusader before this model gets even more expensive.

On the second shelf there are my Eldar of Saim-Hann and also some of the latest additions to my Marines – the Terminator squad and the Cities of Death Captain for example.

The third shelf is currently a bit empty. There are more Eldar models like the Fire Dragon squad I painted recently, but also some random models like my Vostroyan command squad. There is plenty of space here for more Eldar models and the Necromunda Escher gang I’m going to paint once my Skaven army is complete.

The fourth shelf is dedicated to my Skaven army. As you can see, it has become pretty large. At the moment I’m going to put the finishing touches to the Giant Rats unit on the left. After that it’s a couple more characters and another unit of 30 Clanrats, you can see the built but unpainted movement tray on the right. I hope to finish them asap.

Below are rulebooks, Black Library books and White Dwarfs. I probably need to shuffle the shelves around to make more space for future armies but for the moment everything fits in.


To make the Billy bookshelf as dustproof as possible I used a 4mm thick self-adhesive weatherstripping tape made of foam rubber at the top and at the bottom. To close the gap between the two doors I bought a 2 m long, 40×10 mm wide L-shaped black plastic profile. I cut away the 10 mm side to create a flat band and attached it with double-faced adhesive tape. I didn’t attach the plastic seals that are used to hide unneeded boreholes for the door hinges as this would have added extra height which would collide with the band.

Of course the Olsbo Billy doors have a very wide black area where both doors come together which obscures a lot models, but the Billy Morebo doors’ smaller frame would have made attaching a band to close the gap between the doors impossible. Of course you can find proper suited display cabinets, even at Ikea, but for the price tag and the small space in my hobby room I’m quite happy with my new display case solution.

What do you think of my armies and my display case? Where is your display case from, if you got any at all? Any other great storage ideas? Tell us in the comments!


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