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It’s the time of the year again… for the annual hobby resolutions and recap posts of the Tale of Painters crew. Garfy has already shared his, so next up is me. Check out all the models I’ve painted this year and my ideas for 2017 – after the jump.

2016 Resolution Recap

I kept up reasonably well with last year’s resolution. As vowed, I painted all my remaining Blood Angels models, plus an Imperial Knight and a Culexus Assassin to accompany them! The Knight is my favourite project of 2016, as it is the largest and most detailed model I’ve worked on so far. I also did more Eldar in the second half of the year, including another unit for my Dark Eldar collection. What I didn’t manage was reworking my remaining older Ultramarines models. This is something I definitely want to remedy in 2017.

What I actually painted

A total of 31 models, plus 5 more models I reworked. Not that much, but also nothing to sneeze at, considering there were two of the largest models I’ve painted so far amongst them – a Stormraven and a mighty Imperial Knight!

Most of the time was spent on Eldar models (again), and completing my small Blood Angels collection (for the time being). But I also found the time for another Ultramarines character and a unit of Wracks, which I remember were the most tedious project of 2016, actually.

January – Wave Serpent Type II of Craftworld Iybraesil

February – Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators

March – Death Company Stormraven

April – Blood Angels Captain

May – Imperial Knight Errant of House Raven

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

June – Culexus Assassin

July/August – Dark Eldar Wracks

August – Ultramarines Librarian

September/October – Eldar Howling Banshees of Craftworld Iybraesil, rebasing of my Shadow Spectres

November – Eldrad Ulthran

December – Dark Reapers of Craftworld Iybraesil

If you want to check out more pictures of the models I painted last year, follow this link for all my recent showcase posts.

2016 hobby highlights

I feel 2016 has been a great hobby year. Unfolding storylines for Age of Sigmar and 40k, a bucketload of excellent new models, the return of Specialist Games, more boxed games and Games Workshop’s general shift in corporate policy: Facebook pages to finally engage with their fanbase again, lots of free content on the WarhammerTV channel and on Warhammer Community.

Above all, my most favourite change was the return of White Dwarf as a monthly magazine. In my opinion, the newly relaunched White Dwarf combines the best parts of all its prior incarnations and then adds some. While I just lazily flicked through the last couple of weekly White Dwarfs, I now can’t wait for every new issue to arrive.

Apart from the relaunch, I fondly remember visiting the refurbished Warhammer World in July. The new exhibition area is awesome, with a wealth of some stunning displays to gaze upon. I even had the chance to bring the White Dwarf team a couple of my models to photograph, so hopefully they’ll turn up in the magazine soon 🙂

2017 hobby resolutions

The first big project of 2017 will be a Skathach Wraithknight, which I’ve already started to assemble when you read this. As already mentioned, I finally want to focus on completing the retouching of my older Ultramarines paint jobs. This means that I’ll also want to mix in some models of the newer Space Marine infantry kits, such as the MkIV Armour Legion Veteran Squad of the MkV Armour Squad from Forge World.

Apart from that, I’ll definitely do a couple more Eldar models, with Windrider jetbikes high on my priority list. I have a hunch that we might see some new Eldar models in 2017, as part of the ongoing 40k narrative, so let’s see what GW will surprise us with. And finally, I would like to add a couple more Imperial auxiliary forces to my Blood Angels. I’ve already bought a couple of Skitarii models, but I could also see Imperial Guard and even Sisters of Battle, if we finally see some plastic models for them.

Find my resolutions from 2016 here, from 2015 here, from 2014 here, from 2013 here and from 2012 here.

What are your hobby resolutions for 2017? Share them with us in the comments!


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