Since I’ve painted a few Grave Guard a while ago, I thought it would be nice to paint someone to lead them into battle. Watch Captain Halgrim has such a strong and powerful pose, I’m happy I bought him from ebay before Cursed City disappeared forever in the immaterium. More pictures of my version of Halgrim in this post.

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The armour was basecoated with Balthasar Gold, washed with Strong Tone Wash from The Army Painter, then I added a verdigris effect by washing select recesses with Coelia Greenshade and a mix of Wizards Orb from The Army Painter’s Warpaints and Contrast Medium. You can find all the other paint recipes in this post, and I also wrote a more detailed tutorial for speedpainting the bone:

Like my other Soulblight Gravelords models, I used the same colours I used on my Nighthaunt. Halgrim’s cloak was airbrushed and drybrushed as explained in my Grimghast Reapers tutorial. I imagine my Skeleton Warriors to hail from Neferata’s Legion of Blood, hence the liberal use of various shades of purple.

Nighthaunt Spirit Host next to a Skeleton Warrior

As you might see, I’m going for the Skeletons from the older Skeleton Warriors set, not the new “Ulfenwatch” style versions. Watch Captain Halgrim has different proportions than the old Skeleton Warriors and Grave Guard, standing taller with a smaller head, and the style of his armour is also different, but as I like the sculpt so much and he’s a character model, I think he’ll blend into my collection just fine. He could also stand in as a Wight King.

Scenic shot of Watch Captain Halgrim from Cursed City

Hope you enjoyed my version of Halgrim, the model was such a blast to paint. I’m going to take a little break from Age of Sigmar and paint something more “kill-y” next, so team up with me and stay tuned for next week 😉


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