Since Games Workshop kindly sent me the Astra Militarum army set, and at the same time my set of Two Thin Coats paints arrived, I thought to kill two birds with one stone and painted one of the new plastic Cadians to get a better feeling of Duncan Rhode’s new paint range.

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New plastic Cadian Shock Trooper painted by Stahly in green

The new Cadian Shock Troops models are pretty cool, the sprues come with a lot of optional parts and a bucketload of masculine and feminine heads, and as the bodies are unisex, you can create a lot of variety. Check out my review of the Astra Militarum army set, you can find high-res sprue pics of all kits included here:

Painting the new Cadians

Since you have to paint a lot of infantry in an Imperial Guard army, I decided to paint my Cadian using simple and effective techniques. I started basecoating the model with Renegade Green primer from Colour Forge (see our review here), then washed the armour with thinned Two Thin Coats Oblivion Black Wash, then drybrushed the armour with Warboss Green and applied some black and silver chipping with a little piece of sponge. The fatigues were painted with Vallejo Model Color Green Sky, and then washed with a mix of Kroak Green thinned 1:1 with Contrast Medium. Once dry, I painted pure Kroak Green directly into some of the deepest recesses to add some more contrast.

The remaining details were all painted with Two Thin Coats paints, you can catch a glimpse of painting this model in my video review:

I took photos of every painting step for a tutorial, which I’ll hopefully be able to finish for this weekend, so stay tuned!

Cinematic shot of a new plastic Cadian Shock Trooper painted by Stahly

In the meantime, please leave a reaction or comment below. If you’re planning to start a new Astra Militarum army right now, why don’t you come over to our Discord server and share your progress there.


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