It was only recently we got Wyrdhollow and now we’re leaving the Gnarlwood and returning to the Shattered Necropolis of the Mirrored City with a new Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set. In today’s post I share my painted warbands of Farstriders and Sepulchral Guard. Want to know how I painted these models? Well I also have full paint recipe cards for you to bookmark or download to keep for free.

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Shadespire was once a magically wondrous city in the Realm of Death. Many different races lived in the city creating treasures and artefacts of beauty and power. One of these was the refining Shadeglass, a miraculous glass that can hold the souls of the dead. The rulers of the city could live on forever and this angered Nagash, Lord of Undeath, So he cursed the city and their occupants as punishment using the shadespire magic to trap the city in an internal struggle between Ulgu – Realm of Shadows and Hysh – Realm of Light. Stuck between Realms it’s impossible for its inhabitants to ever escape the Mirrored City, even Death is no escape.

The Farstriders painted

From left to right: Elias Swiftblade, Sanson Farstrider, Almeric Eagle-Eye

Led by Sanson Farstrider, the Farstriders are Vanguard-Hunters and scouts from the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost are exploring the ruins of the Shadespire and its curse. Using his Star Falcon, flying high above the city, a way into the heart of the undercity was found. Repelling down into the cavern they were suddenly ambushed by Skaven attackers. Falling for what seemed like hours the Farstriders eventually awoke in the Nightmare of the Mirrored City.

Painting the Farstriders from the Underworlds’ Starter Set was a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. Firstly, all the robes and hanging fabrics are really hard to get to so you have to leave the models off the base so you can paint all the hard to reach areas, Luckily the models are push-fit so it’s easy to remove them from their bases. Secondly, my colour scheme is not easy. White and yellow are probably the two hardest colours to paint. I’d definitely recommend a white undercoat for these.

The Sepulchral Guard painted

The Sepulchral Guard manning the streets of the Mirrored City aren’t your typical reanimated mindless minion. The Shadespire curse has trapped their souls and essence as well giving them fragmented memories.

Top row, left to right: The Champion,The Harvester, The Inevitable Petitioner
Middle row, left to right: The Sepulchral Warden, The Prince of Dust
Bottom row, left to right: The Rising Petitioner, The Zealous Petitioner

The Warden’s service has impressed Nagash so much he has bestowed the Warden the ability to inspire loyalty in his subjects and he uses this to launch countless battles against all who oppose Nagash.

Using the painting guide I wrote for my Cursed City Ulfernwatch, it was pretty easy to make these dynamic, ancient skeletons fit in with the static ranks of newly raised Ulfernwatch. The Ulfernwatch all have identical uniforms and a similar amount of degradation. The Sepulchral Guard all have varying amounts of rags and weapons. They look like they’re all from different time periods, reanimated and organised to fight together as a unit. I think I prefer this Sepulchral Guard aesthetic to the Ulfernwatch approach.

I found the lore and background fascinating for these two Warbands. I’ve been battling in the Gnarlwood with my Warcry warbands for a while now and I think it’ll be cool to get back to the Shadespire for some games of Warhammer Underworlds again.

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