The first half of the Gallowdark terrain from my Kill Team: Into the Dark Box is complete! To celebrate this milestone, I’ve photographed all the Space Hulk corridor pieces and captured a cinematic image of a Hormagaunt attack. You can find all the pictures along with a link to my paint recipes in this post.

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When it comes to painting terrain, my approach prioritises achieving an impactful overall effect. Utilising techniques such as zenithal highlighting with Sanguine Red spray from The Colour Forge over black primer, and dry brushing, I aim to bring out the textures and details while keeping the process efficient. After all, terrain serves as the backdrop, setting the stage for the models to shine.

Space Hulk corridor elements from Kill Team: Into the Dark

A while ago, I tackled a set of Gallowdark corridors, opting for a light, rusty colour scheme that adds a weathered texture to the terrain pieces. You can catch the step-by-step tutorial for this paint job in this free tutorial, where I break down the process in detail. For this set I went for a dark red scheme that complements the Soulshackle and Gallowfall boards which are tinted in red light.

How to paint Gallowdark terrain

For those keen on replicating my Gallowdark paint scheme, I’ve compiled all the recipes into a painting guide below, making it easy to recreate the look:

The Gallowdark season boxes are sold out. But if you’ve also been inspired to go on an exploration tour in long-forgotten Space Hulk wrecks, why not take a look at Element Games and follow this link. At the time of posting this, Element Games still has some copies of the Boarding Actions Box with plenty of Gallowdark terrain available. Wayland Games should also receive a restock soon. You might also get lucky in your friendly local gaming store.

Cinematic shot of Hormagaunts fighting Raven Guard Phobos Intercessors in Kill Team Space Hulk terrain
Hormagaunts launching a surprising assault against Raven Guard Phobos Infiltrators

This is only the first half of the Kill Team: Into the Dark box. I plan to paint the second half over the coming months to complete the set, and then gradually work on the expansions from the other boxes. I’ll keep you updated here on Tale of Painters, so be sure to check back regularly.

Feel free to leave a reaction, or drop a comment below, I’m also happy to answer any questions on our friendly hobby Discord server. Thanks a lot, and happy hobbying!


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