Age of Sigmar, Showcase

Showcase: Krondys, Son of Dracothion

Today’s blog post is a special one, I got to paint Krondys, Son of Dracothion early for a Warhammer Community article and in today’s Tale of Painter’s post I’m going to share some size comparisons, different angles and my paint recipes.

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Age of Sigmar, Showcase, Underworlds

Showcase: Lumineth Realm-Lords Myari’s Purifiers

I really love the idea of the Warhammer Underworlds Warbands. They offer such cool look into design options for miniatures that might not have a place in the main game of Age of Sigmar. Myari’s Purifiers are no different. At the time of their release they showed off what we know now as the Vanari Bladelords, but now they are a great place to get some alternative sculpts for use in Warcry or AOS.

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