Showcase, Underworlds

Showcase: Primal Lair terrain for Beastgrave

I saw a hobby phrase on Twitter the other day and it summed up this week’s painting project perfectly. Have you heard of ‘palette cleanser’? It’s a play on ‘palate cleanser’ (a neutral-flavored food or drink that removes food residue from the tongue allowing one to more accurately assess a new flavour). Well ‘palette cleanser’ is the hobby equivalent and in this context it refers to a quick and easy painting project to clear the way for another painting project. After the jump I’ll talk about how I painted this set.

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Showcase: Underworlds The Wurmspat by Arkaan

Hello!, It’s Arkaan here. Not much time passed and I found my way back here ^_^ Today I’m happy to present my version of The Wurmspat, and oh boy, absolutely fantastic minis they are indeed. Super fun to paint and experiment on.  I started with…

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