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Showcase: Inquisition Wars Campaign Knight Titan Army

Howdy all, this weekend sees the first campaign weekend at Warhammer World since the rebuilding of the venue. Of course, I shall be in attendance once more (I’ve been to countless campaign weekends) alongside about 17 friends from my local GW store in Staines –…

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WIP: Warlord Titan #4

Apologies for the large gap in progress. I just passed my 40th year and celebrated in huge style in Las Vegas. Then work has been mad since I got back… So anyway, since I recorded video number 2 for your viewing pleasure there has been…

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Showcase: Mars Pattern Reaver Titan

Hi all, here is my Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan I painted about 3 years ago now. Its in the scheme of the Legio Astorum – The Warp Runners, who hail from the Forgeworld of Lucius. This has seen battle about half a dozen times…

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WIP: Warlord Titan #3

Welcome back to the Warlord blog. I have made my second video! The first has reached nearly 1500 views so far, not too bad at all for my first one I think. So onto the second one… Here I discuss the tools of the trade,…

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WIP: Warlord Titan #2

Hi again, Haywire is back with some more on the Warlord. Over the past few days I have cleaned up all the parts of the main body ready to prepare for pose checks and pinning. There is still the odd mould line here and there…

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WIP: Warlord Titan #1

Hi all, following on from my inaugural post with the video of the unboxing of the Warlord Titan, its time to take a look at the many parts of the kit. So after the jump, lets take a look at the monstrosity that is the…

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