When I was painting the Scouts I promised you to do a tutorial about how I painted the faces. So here it is!

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1. Paint the eye sockets black in case you don’t use a black primer. Paint two white dots in each side of the eye, leaving a little black pupil in the midle.
2. Now tidy up by carefully painting black around the eye. If your pupils aren’t equal, you can correct this at this point. For painting eyes I use a Winsor & Newton Series 7 M 00 (the ones with the short bristles for more brush control).
3. Apply the darkest skin colour to the faces, Tanned Flesh in this case, leaving a very thin black line around the eyes for definition. Always use multiple coats of thinned paint when working on faces, as the details get very quickly clogged up when using thick paints!


4. Apply the base colour Dwarf Flesh. Leave the previous colour in the recesses.
5. Highlight with a mix of Dwarf and Elf Flesh. Concentrate on the brows and forehead, the nose, the lids, the mouth, chin and cheeks.
6. Now take pure Elf Flesh and do a very sparse highlight. Concentrate on the most prominent areas.

The face of the tutorial mini belongs to the Scout on the far right. I used this technique on all my Ultramarine models, so if you want to see more, browse my blog by clicking “Ultramarines” or “Finished Models Showcase” in the column right. The Citadel skin tones are actually very bright and orange, but you can easily adapt to another set of colours. Lately I really like the more realistic skin tones of the Formula P3 range and used them on my Vostroyans. But Reaper or Foundry have a huge selection to play around with.

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