One more squad in the service of the Emperor: I painted one more Primaris Intercessor to make a legal unit out of the four models I painted for my Silver Skulls Kill Team. I also updated the bases and refined a few details here and there. Check them out in this showcase post.

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Scenic shot of a Silver Skulls Intercessor Squad painted by Stahly

I painted four of these models in 2019, originally with Sector Imperialis bases (on which I spent quite a lot of time on). Fast forward two years and I feel the urge to expand my Kill Team into a small 500 pts Combat Patrol, so I painted another Intercessor to complete a minimum-sized unit. I also changed the basing style to a more basic grey wasteland that’s much easier and faster to paint.

Five Silver Skulls Intercessors

I also updated a few minor details. I added eyebrows to the faces, which I really like to do nowadays. The unit’s sergeant, Brother-Sergeant Garev, was in fact inspired by fellow Tale of Painters editor Garfy when I found an old picture of him with a mohawk, and the uncanny resemblance struck me. I also refined the glow of his power sword a little bit.

The fourth model is the Intercessor I added. It’s actually a Dark Imperium monopose Intercessor but he blends in quite nicely. If you would like to know how I painted my Silver Skulls paint scheme, check out the tutorial here:

Hope you enjoyed the look at my Intercessors. I just recently expanded the Reivers I painted for my Kill Team into a full unit, and now that I brought my older models up to scratch, I can finally add some new stuff to my collection. I’d really love to paint a vehicle, maybe an Impulsor? Or more infantry like a unit of Eradicators?

Stay tuned, and leave a comment or reaction below.


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