In the relentless dance of cosmic predation, Hormagaunts emerge as the embodiment of unyielding terror. In this showcase, I bring forth four meticulously painted Hive Fleet Kraken Hormagaunts, the dynamic poses capturing the chitinous horrors at the zenith of their ferocious onslaught.

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Hive Fleet Kraken Hormagaunts cinematic shot
These models were kindly provided by Games Workshop Ltd.

So I started painting a bunch of the brilliant new Hormagaunts sculpts which I reviewed here. This is the first batch of four models, and I aim to have a combination of eight Hormagaunts and Termagants for a Hive Fleet Compendium Kill Team.

Hive Fleet Kraken Hormagaunts painted by Stahly

Painting-wise, I chose to follow my custom Kraken splinter fleet paint scheme for which you can find a free tutorial here. The only recipe I changed was the flesh. I chose a slightly lighter hue, starting with a basecoat of Vallejo Game Air Scarlet Red, followed by a zenithal highlight of Vallejo Game Air Anthea Skin and Vallejo Game Air Dead White. Just like in the original tutorial, I then washed the flesh with Dreadful Visage Contrast paint.

Hive Fleet Kraken Hormagaunts painted by Stahly, back view

By the way, you can find a hand-painted chart of the complete new Vallejo Game Color range (which I reviewed here) on my Patreon, which also covers the updated Game Air colours. The chart will be up early December for Aspect Warrior tier members, or in my Patreon shop for a small donation.

With half of the Fire Team complete, I’ll paint a Fire Team of Tyranid Warriors next before I complete the remaining four models. Stay tuned for those, and in the meantime, leave a reaction or drop a comment below, and for more discussions head over to our friendly hobby Patreon server.