Age of Sigmar, Showcase

Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Annihilators

Today on the blog, I talk about Sigmar’s shock troops, his wrath incarnate, the Annihilators! We’ll look at their background and their rules from the new Age of Sigmar set, Dominion. We’ll also have some top notch photos to look at.

Age of Sigmar, Reviews

Review: AOS3 Age of Sigmar Dominion box set (Unboxing)

Dominion is the brand new launch set from Games Workshop pitting the fearless Stormcast Eternals in their new Thunderstrike armour against the hordes of Kruleboyz. Today I rip open the cellophane, plop the lid off and delve into the box and share with you sprue pics, warscrolls, size comparisons and more!

Age of Sigmar, Showcase

Showcase: Fiends of Slaanesh

I recently shared my finished Infernal Enrapturess, the leader of the Slaanesh half of the Wrath and Rapture set. Spurred on by this I decided to paint the hero from the Khorne side, Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance! This three headed pooch is a tireless hunter, the physical manifestation of Khorne’s Vengeance. Karanak will stop at nothing to hunt down the heroes who defy Khorne’s will.