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Showcase: Blood Angel Bladeguard Lieutenant

Welcome to today’s post, where I share the first model I’ve painted from the Imperium Hatchette Partworks magazine subscription. This haemoglobin thirsty warrior is a Bladeguard Lieutenant of the Blood Angels Chapter. With a yellow chest Aquila, black shoulder rims and an orangey red armour he’s best on the late 80s and early 90s way of painting Blood Angels.

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First Look: Warhammer+ Hammer and Bolter, Old Bale Eye

Games Workshop has kindly sent Tale of Painters some Warhammer+ digital assets for their new Hammer and Bolter series to share with you before the free episode is made available for all to watch. We have some screenshots and a couple of audio clips to share with you.

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Showcase: Cursed City Deadwalker Zombies and Rat Swarms

Having successfully shared my Soulblight Gravelords Warcry Warband last week, this week I thought I’d return to the Cursed City and summon some more painted miniatures to help my quest of a fully painted set. Read on to find out if I managed to escape the grey plastic tide or if I filled the ranks of the Deadwalker Zombies with fresh corpses.