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Garfy’s 2022 Hobby Resolution and Recap of 2021

Celebrating the Last 12 month’s of hobby output is an annual tradition here at Tale of Painters. I’m going to take a look back through the year and share what I managed to paint and how many of my 2021 hobby resolutions I succeeded in completing. I’ll also share my 2022 resolutions.

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Showcase: Soulblight Gravelords Graveguard

This seems like a good way to start a blog post and finish the year by sharing my finished Start Collecting Soulblight Gravelords Box. I only had 7 Graveguard left to paint and I would have finished them months ago but you know how it is, something shinier and more dragoney came along.

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Showcase: Necron Warriors and Scarabs

Merry Christmas everyone! In today’s wintery post the Necrons march onto the blog through wind, rain and snow to flay the wrapping paper from your presents. In the above pic you can see the Necron Warriors I got from Imperium issues 9 and 10, but…

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Tutorial: How to Paint Tarantulos Brood Doomweaver

In this post, I’ll show you how to paint a Tarantulos Brood Doomweaver from the Warcry Red Harvest box set. I painted this model in 20 easy to follow steps. You’ll learn how I paint white webs, spider armour plates, poisoned skin and more. This tutorial is perfect for any of the models in the Tarantulos Brood like the Broodmaster or Broodkin. Find out how in this tutorial.

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Showcase: Necron Overlord

Awakening from a millennia long slumber today and conquering the blog is the Necron Overlord from Issue 8 of the Imperium magazine.

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Showcase: Warcry Varanite Delve

Welcome weary traveller, your journey across the Bloodwind Spoil must have been treacherous and fraught with danger. You’ll find no respite here at them there mines, for this is a deadly Varanite Delve where even the Daemon bound cursed machinery can end your mortal life. Check out my finished Warcry Red Harvest Terrain and I’ll share the paint recipes too.