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Review: Flesh-eater Courts Army Set

Flesh-eater Courts army set review and unboxing

Introducing the latest addition to the Era of the Beast – the Flesh-eater Courts army set. Packed with a formidable Abhorrant Gorewarden, a revered Varghulf Courtier, a loyal unit of 20 Cryptguard, and three gallant Morbheg Knights, this collection finally brings the delusions of the courts to life. Stay tuned as we explore the contents of this set, including the exclusive launch edition Battletome.

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Showcase: Legions Imperialis Iron Warriors (inc. painting guides)

On today’s blog post I share my tiny tanks and troops. The new Legions Imperialis box set features Legiones Astartes (Space Marines) and Solar Auxilia (Imperial Guard equivalent). This game is set during the Horus Heresy so because it’s one big civil war the forces are all the same on both sides. So you can take this box and make one big army or a Legiones Astartes army vs Solar Auxilia or even two armies with a mix of both factions. For me, I wanted an Iron Warriors force.

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News: Our first merch collection (and new mascot!)

Tale of Painters first merch drop with a dark grey t-shirt featuring Topsy

Today is a special day because after 12 years of Tale of Painters, we finally got a mascot: Topsy, the skull-shaped painting thrall. Topsy will not only accompany us in our future blogging endeavours but is also the star of our very first merchandise collection. Find out more in this post.

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Review: Legions Imperialis (boxed set)

Legions Imperialis unboxing & review

It’s war on an epic new scale – literally. Legions Imperialis takes the Titans and aircraft from Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis and adds infantry and tanks to the mix. In this review, we unbox the Legions Imperialis launch box, take a closer look at the sprues and rules, and address the question of the new Epic scale once and for all.

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Review: Warhammer 40.000 & Age of Sigmar Christmas army boxes (inc. savings breakdown)

Warhammer Christmas Battleforces 2023 review and savings breakdown

It’s that time of the year again when Games Workshop bundles up a set of army boxes offering savings of up to 40% compared to buying individually. This year, there are six Battleforces for Warhammer 40,000 and four for Age of Sigmar. Based on the experiences of previous years, they’ll sell out fast, especially at independent retailers, so preorder now. But which boxes are particularly worth it? Here comes our review and savings breakdown.

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Showcase: Flesh-eater Courts Abhorrant Archregent and Charnel Throne (inc. painting guides)

Perched on his throne of lies, the Abhorrant Archregent rules all before him speaking his madness to all who lay eyes on him. Don’t worry though, you won’t suffer cannibalistic delusions if you read this blog post, instead you’ll be greeted with top quality photographs and painting guides for Flesh-eater Courts Charnel Throne and the Abhorrant Archregent.

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