Here comes mechanised support for my Silver Skulls: a Primaris Impulsor, a fast-moving assault transport outfitted with an assortment of secondary weapons to protect its deadly cargo. For my version I used a few 3D printed upgrade parts, so find out more in this post.

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Silver Skulls Primaris Impulsor with missile array

For this model, I went the extra mile and bought a Gladiator so I could have both variants. In fact, the model can be built completely modular even without magnets, check out my handy guide here.

I also used a few alternate parts such as Repulsor style front grav plates and a more streamlined automatic heavy stubber, which are 3D printed parts by Tightbore Design. Last but not least, I upgraded the base to an oval flyer base, which I think compliments the shape of the model better.

I also painted a shield dome so I have a few options to choose from.

Painting-wise, I started with a black basecoat, then applied a zenithal highlight/basecoat with Vallejo Mecha Color Dark Steel, which I then sealed with gloss coat. For shading I used an enamel wash (Tamiya Panel Lina Accent Color Black) for the first time, and it really helped to speed things up, as I could easily correct any imperfections with white spirit and cotton swabs. Then I gave the hull a drybrush of Vallejo Mecha Color Light Steel, and that’s it. The remaining details were painted as explained in my Silver Skulls tutorial.

All in all I’m quite happy with the model, even though it was my first time combining airbrushing and enamel washes in one model. I’m one step closer to expanding my small Silver Skulls collection into a 500 pts Combat Patrol army, and I wonder what should I add next. I’m torn between the Primaris Captain from issue 5 of Warhammer 40.000: Imperium or a squad of Eradicators. And I also need to paint the extra Gladiator parts at some point.

Cinematic shot of a Silver Skulls Impulsor grav tank and Primaris Reivers

Hope you enjoyed this showcase of my Impulsor and if you would like to learn more about enamel washes, let me know in the comments.


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