Ho-ho-holy Terra and season’s greetings! By the throne, I added another model from the Space Marine Heroes Series 1 to my collection. This time I chose the Unforgiven, the secretive Dark Angels chapter, perfect for the plasmagun-toting Brother Promethor. Check out all the pictures in this post.

Cinematic shot of a Dark Angel with plasma gun and santa's hat
This year I brought you hot plasma death

Painting Space Marine Heroes is always super fun because each time I can try out a new chapter and have a self-contained painting project. The recipe for the armour is a basecoat of Caliban Green after a coat of primer with Angel Green Color Primer from The Army Painter, then a 2:1 highlight of Caliban Green and Vallejo Game Color Sick Green, and a final highlight of pure Sick Green. A tutorial for the armour is already up on my Patreon, but I will also post it here on Tale of Painters after Christmas.

The remaining details of the models were painted by following my Black Templars tutorial:

While I used this tutorial for the plasma glow:

I hope you enjoyed my take on the iconic Dark Angels chapter, and if you would like to see more of my Space Marine Heroes collection, check out this fancy video I made on my YouTube channel:

I hope you have a few happy festive days despite the current situation, and a lot of new models in your stockings, under your tree, or whatever your local customs are 🙂

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px
Cinematic shot of Dark Angels Brother Promethor
Same shot, less Christmas-feeling

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