In this tutorial, I explain how to paint Eldar / Aeldari Witchblades (or Singing Spears) with an energized lightning effect. This is a useful technique not only for Craftworlders, but all sorts of power swords as well. Find out more in this post.

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Tutorial: How to paint Eldar Witchblades, featured image

This tutorial assumes you know the basic grips of painting Warhammer miniatures. Step-by-step I explain all the paints and techniques I used. I have a rather eclectic paint collection, so when I use a paint that is not from Games Workshop (or out of production), I’ll try to provide you with suitable alternatives from the current Citadel paint range [in brackets]. However, if you want to achieve exactly the same result as shown, I recommend expanding your paint collection. You’ll find a list of all the paints used in this tutorial at the end of the post.

How to paint Eldar / Aeldari Witchblades and Singing Spears

Tutorial: How to paint Eldar Witchblades step 1

Basecoat the blade with Stegadon Scale Green.

Tutorial: How to paint Eldar Witchblades step 2

Thin Sotek Green with a good amount of water and apply it to the Witchblade. Let it dry unevenly to create a cloudy pattern.

Tutorial: How to paint Eldar Witchblades step 3

Start painting irregular lines of The Army Painter Warpaints Royal Cloak [or Temple Guard Blue] with a thin brush to create a lightning bolt pattern. Use the cloudy pattern as a guide.

Tutorial: How to paint Eldar Witchblades step 4

Pick out the edges of the blade and most of the lightning pattern with even thinner lines of Baharroth Blue.

Tutorial: How to paint Eldar Witchblades step 5

Edge highlight the Singing Spear’s Witchblade with Vallejo Game Color Wolf Grey. Pick out a few random lightning bolts with Wolf Grey as well, but keep it sparse.

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And this is my finished Ulthwé Warlock. For Eldrad Ulthran, I used exactly the same technique but concentrated the lightning effect more towards the tip. This effect is also perfectly suited for all kind of power swords and weapons, as well as Adeptus Mechanicus Arc weapons.

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For my Iybraesil Spiritseer I used exactly the same technique but in a crimson paint scheme. Just start with a basecoat of Khorne Red, then use Wazdakka Red, Pink Horror, VGC Squid Pink [or Pink Horror mixed with White Scar], and Formula P3 Carnal Pink [or Pink Horror with even more white] to create the lightning pattern and highlights.

Do you prefer a more crystalline effect? Then check out Garfy’s power sword tutorial:

Or maybe you are looking for something more magical? Like a molten blade, but in turquoise?

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If so, leave a comment or reaction below, and if you got any questions, leave them here so I can answer them for you.