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Showcase: Silver Skulls Primaris Impulsor Grav Tank

Cinematic shot of a Silver Skulls Impulsor grav tank and Primaris Reivers

Here comes mechanised support for my Silver Skulls: a Primaris Impulsor, a fast-moving assault transport outfitted with an assortment of secondary weapons to protect its deadly cargo. For my version I used a few 3D printed upgrade parts, so find out more in this post.

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Showcase, Terrain, Warcry

Showcase: Warcry Varanite Delve

Welcome weary traveller, your journey across the Bloodwind Spoil must have been treacherous and fraught with danger. You’ll find no respite here at them there mines, for this is a deadly Varanite Delve where even the Daemon bound cursed machinery can end your mortal life. Check out my finished Warcry Red Harvest Terrain and I’ll share the paint recipes too.

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Showcase: Lumineth Realm-Lords Myari’s Purifiers

I really love the idea of the Warhammer Underworlds Warbands. They offer such cool look into design options for miniatures that might not have a place in the main game of Age of Sigmar. Myari’s Purifiers are no different. At the time of their release they showed off what we know now as the Vanari Bladelords, but now they are a great place to get some alternative sculpts for use in Warcry or AOS.

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