Showcase, Warcry

Showcase: Warcry Darkoath Savagers

On today’s post I share the Darkoath Savages I finished on the last day of December. These models are part of the Warcry Red Harvest Boxed Game and were the last models I needed to paint to complete that game. It always feels great to finish a boxed game. I also own a sizeable (over 2000pts) army of painted Slaves to Darkness, so these are great additions I’m happy to add.

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Age of Sigmar, Showcase

Showcase: Soulblight Gravelords Graveguard

This seems like a good way to start a blog post and finish the year by sharing my finished Start Collecting Soulblight Gravelords Box. I only had 7 Graveguard left to paint and I would have finished them months ago but you know how it is, something shinier and more dragoney came along.

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