Blood Bowl

WIP: Nurgle’s Rotters Bloodbowl

If you’ve been following #TaleofTuesday’s you’ll know I’ve been taking part in a four month project where four of us paint our own Bloodbowl teams. This Tuesday coming is my third month and I have to post another three players to stay on track. In…

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Blood Bowl, Tutorials

Tutorial: Nurgle’s Rotters Blood Bowl Team

In today’s post I share with you a complete photo tutorial guide to paint the Bloater from the Nurgle’s Rotters Blood Bowl team pictured above. More after the jump! This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how to paint. For the beginners, I…

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40k, Showcase

Showcase: Nurgle Daemon Prince

Hi all! Today I present a blast from the past: The Nurgle Daemon Prince I once painted. I added a little conversion by giving him a mask from the Chaos Defiler. Still a nice model I think, would you agree? Tell me in the comments.

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