Blood runs. Anger rises. Death wakes. The new Eldar models call… and I listened! Under the eye of Isha I painted one of the new Aeldari Warlocks, who marks the beginning of my third Eldar army: Ulthwé, the Damned.

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The new Aeldari Warlock kit is available for preorder and will be released this Saturday. You can check out my review here. Games Workshop sent me this model to paint, and it appeared on Warhammer Community in a showcase post along with other fantastic Eldar paint jobs.

Cinematic shot of a Eldar / Aeldari Warlock of Craftworld Ulthwé painted by Stahly

I already own a large Iybraesil army and I also used to have a Saim-Hann army. For the new Aeldari releases I thought of doing something new. I always loved the lore of Ulthwé, and as I already painted Eldrad Ulthran a while ago, I wanted to paint a few more Ulthwé models to go along with him. The Howling Banshees I painted a while ago were also painted with Ulthwé “compatibility” in mind.

Eldar / Aeldari Warlock of Craftworld Ulthwé painted by Stahly, front

The new Warlock models might be pricey, but they are also super cool. It’s great to see how far Aeldari model design has come, and they are still one step better than the plastic Spiritseer and Farseer. I used the same colour palette and basing style as on my Iybraesil army, so I could field them as one cohesive army. The beauty of Aeldari armies is that they can be really colourful with mainline Craftworld units and individual Aspect Warrior squads in their trademark colours, so why not add even more colour with reinforcements from other Craftworlds.

Painting Ulthwé Warlocks

My recipe for painting Ulthwé black is pretty easy. I started with black primer, then mixed Vallejo Model Color Dark Grey with Matt Black from The Army Painter to start building up the highlights on the robes, then proceeded with pure VMC Dark Grey, and then a final edge highlight of Dawnstone. For the armour and helmet, I skipped the VMC Dark Grey / Matt Black mix. The yellow runes on the robes come from the new Eldar transfer sheet, and were then painted over with Yriel Yellow and highlighted with Daemonic Yellow and Moon Dust from The Army Painter, and shaded with glazes of Troll Slayer Orange.

I also got a more detailed step-by-step tutorial over on my Patreon, check it out here:

Ulthwé Patreon exclusive tutorial

I hope you like my take on the new Aeldari Warlocks. More tutorials, like for painting the lightning effect on the Witchblade, will follow in the next couple of days here on Tale of Painters 🙂