In this blog entry, we recap over all the Hobbit painting tutorials that Tale of Painters has produced so far. Check them out after the jump.

Bilbo Baggins tutorial link.

Gandalf the Grey tutorial link

Radaghast the Brown tutorial link

Thorin Oakenshieldtutorial link

Dwalin tutorial link

Balin tutorial link

Gloin tutorial link

Oin tutorial link

Ori tutorial link

Nori tutorial link

Dori tutorial link 

Kili tutorial link

Fili tutorial link

Bofur tutorial link

Bifur tutorial link

Bombur tutorial link

Goblins from Goblin Town tutorial link

Great Eagle tutorial

Grim Hammer tutorial

Mirkwood Ranger tutorial

Troll tutorial

Fell Warg tutorial

Hunter Orctutorial

Azog the Defiler tutorial

Which is your favourite and what would you like to see next?


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